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At a cost of $3,000,000 a revaluation was implemented for the 2020 assessment roll.
The new assessments had a Coefficient of Dispersion of 28%. The 28% Coefficient
of Dispersion compares the new assessed value with the sale price for the 2019-2020 sales.
Half of the parcels (50%) were inaccurately/unequitablly assessed by a MINIMUM of 28%.
NYS guidelines, for high population density municipalities, suggest that the
Coefficient of Dispersion be less than 15%. You are encouraged to review the
sales for your property and file a grievance if you are over assessed.
Revaluation Studies:

Sale Ratio Study with 2019-2020 Sales


Sale Ratio Study with 2019 Sales


Assessment equity in New York 2019

TSL co., Inc. software can assist the property owner in determining a fair and equitable assessment.
The assessment, sales and inventory data from the 2023 final assessment roll was obtained under the
Freedom of Information Act and loaded to our web site for your use. Our software will help you
challange your assessment at grievance by finding comparable sales for you to select. Click link below
for the NYS booklet to assist the property owner in determining Fair Market Value.

Determining Fair Market Value

The new 2024 tentative assessments will be loaded onto our web site in early December.
The grievance form RP-524 may ONLY be filed during the month of December and will be available
at the assessor's office or can be printed via New York State web site using the link below.

RP-524 form and instructions


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